I Corinthians 9:24-27



       Do you think Gold is valuable?  Sure! But not to Inca’s tribe who lived hundred years ago.  When Spain found South America, Inca tribe had already known about iron, bronze and gold.  But what they did not understand was how valuable the gold is.  Inca people use gold as a comb, to pluck their eyebrows and also as cooking tools.  They just didn’t understand the value of gold until Spain colonized them.

       Hidden Gold of the IncasToday a lot Christians just don’t understand how valuable it is to become a follower of Jesus Christ and so they stay lukewarm.  Many believers prefer to think about them self rather than think about “what God wants me to do.

       The Apostle Paul realized that he only had one life to live and that he should work hard to fulfill God’s plan for him.  I Corinthian 9:24-27 is about how Paul didn’t want to live his life in vanity; to just watch life passing bye.  He made every effort to accomplish what God had already designed for him since he was born.  Paul draws a comparison between the Christian life and a runner and a boxing competition.

       In the Greek translation of verse 26 when Paul says, “beat the air” (verse 26b) he meant like a boxer who was boxing to gain victory.  For believers in spiritual warfare, he wants them to give their all to gain victory.

       We have a fixed goal of eternal life which is our certain future.  That’s why Paul fully committed to do more than just span with his flesh. When all of us will one day in eternity face the judgment of God, God won’t be asking:”How much savings do you have?  Do you have gold?”  No!  He will ask, “What you have done for Me?”  As Christians, are we just staying lukewarm after God saved us?  DO NOT STAND STILL..!

       There’s a story about millionaire who threw a huge party. Everybody invited to this party enjoyed so much rich food, beautiful background music as well as the luxury mansion facilities. And then the owner of this party announces, “My dear guests, I am so happy with the profit of my company is overwhelming and abundant.  As a token of my thankfulness, I would like to give one person one of my mansions; one of my Lamborghini sport cars and also one million dollars!”   “Wow…!” There were so many sounds of happiness and surprised shock from the guests.

       alThe party owner continued, “But, I will only give these wonderful prizes to the first person who comes across this pool full of alligators!”  Quickly everybody went quite. “Splash…!”  Suddenly there’s a man who swimming as fast as he can.   He survived unharmed!  Everybody cheered him.

       The millionaire says, “Fantastic! Congratulations!  This is the key to the Lamborghini and other prizes will also be yours.  But, I have a question: what made you so brave to cross this pool?” The man said, “I don’t want your mansion. I don’t want your money and I don’t want your car either!  All I want is to know: Who pushed me in that water!” This story is just a joke.

       Sometimes God allows us to be pushed by someone or some situation that we don’t want at all.  We must leave our comfort zone to experience spiritual growth.  We must not be lukewarm with our faith.  God allowed believers in the first century to be persecuted so they would leave their comfort zone in Jerusalem and go tell the world about Jesus Christ.

       There’s God’s blessing inside our obedience to Him.  There’s a growth behind our suffering and being in an uncomfortable zone.  But, I’m confident that nothing we do for God is a waste of time or effort (I Corinthians 15:58).  DO NOT STAND STILL – KEEP MOVING FOR CHRIST.

As I close this message, let’s watch the testimony of a man who become a believer. He felt joy and peace because a friend invited him to Church.  (Clip My Hope).

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