(Read: Psalm 110:1)



       Can you guess the name of this city? This is Amman the capital city of Jordan. From the Bible, we can know that Ammonites owned this land as God’s gift to Lot’s descendants. (read Deuteronomy 2:19). But, before Lot’s descendants lived in the land, the Bible tells of numerous, strong, giant people living there called Zamzummites. Can you imagine about four thousand years ago when Zamzummites were living here? Their attitude was very bad and they were cruel which is why God destroyed them and gave the land to Lot’s descendants.

       At that time,  the Ammonites were a small tribe meaning they were very weak and didn’t have many people. But, for the Lord nothing is impossible. Thanks to God’s help, the Ammonites could win the land from the Zamzummites. When God opens the door, no one can shut it. When God closes the door, no one can open it.

       The Zamzummites reminded me about the Israelites journey to the promise land, called Canaan. (read Exodus 6:8)   ‘I will bring you to the land which I swore to give to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and I will give it to you for a possession; I am the LORD.”  At that time giants called Anakim (who part of other giants called Nephilim) were living there.

       The Israelites felt very small like grasshopers before these very strong people (Joshua 14:12, Number 13:33). In this land, the grapes grew so large that it took two people to carry one cluster of grapes (Numbers 13:24). The Promised Land (Exodus 6:8) or as we call it Israel today, is a fertile region.

       In this context, Joshua and Caleb saw opportunity in the middle of giant problems while others were pessimistic, and frightened, having lost all hope. Joshua and Caleb choose to follow God’s way. Remember, what is impossible for people, is possible with God.


       Do you remember when David fought Goliath? If you do, you will certainly recall how that Israelites, including their King Saul, trembled before this giant elite force of the Philistines. David belived God and choose to fight with Him. He was able to conquer the giant Goliath only because of God’s power.

       When trouble comes into your life, or when you face a situation that seems impossible, remember the God who help David, Joshua, Caleb, the Israelites and even the Ammonites they faced the giants. That same God is able to help you in the middle of any disastrous problem you face.

       What kind of giant problem are you facing today? God is able and willing to help you and me. My best advice to you is to follow God, pray to Jesus and seek His way. Amen.

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