See how the precious children of Jerusalem,
worth their weight in gold, are now treated like pots of clay.
Lamentations 4:2
What it will be when some one life is worthless? Rejected and abandon?  May be their life’s look bad and no hope.  It can happen to the life of one who think he/she are more important than the other.  These kind of thinking and attitude relate with characters.
In time of Jeremiah, Israel have great proud about their nation.  They think, they are the best of all people in the world because of God’s chosen.  When Babylon’s great army came to expand Israel, Jeremiah and other prophet have already prophesied what will happen to the proud.  All who sins and not repent will be punish and make it over until new again. 
God’s anger is satisfied not from punishment, but from His love that make all the plan before the world created.  These mean that God will take place to mold His people from proud to humble, from bad to good things.  He will make reconciliation to better life according His plan before all things begin.
God’s anger to Israel was done to mold them.  God’s want to make  His people from bad things to good things, from old to new, from past to present life.  He want to make us new and better than before.  God’s dare to teaching hard in our struggling life so we can get the best of our faith growth.
What we think about our life?  Do we really thinks that we are marred  of clay and destructed because of sins?  Do we have proud that make others people bad treatment?  Or we just doing good things as some one do good to us and do bad things as some one do bad things to us?  Are we have treat others good or humiliated them?
May God help us to realize that God has planning through good and bad days to causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them (Rome.8:28).  Let us learn from past that we just clay!  Let us learn not be proud but humble, not to be sins but holy.  Amen.

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  1. amennnn…tp sepertinya lebi enak kalo lancar2 aja semua drpd di bentuk Tuhan ya ko….tp ga boleh berpikir gini ya,p. Gbu

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