(Read: James 2: 14-26)


       The other day, my children were playing lego and watching children’s television.  When we called them for dinner, they only said, “ok” but they didn’t come. Finally we shouted, “dinner time!!!” and in a seconds they were seated around the dinner table. Parents have a good purpose when they call their children to gather for dinner time. But, sometimes children are just to busy with their toys and forget to listen to the parents. 

       The relationship between God and believers can be describe like the relationship between parents and their children. Many believers just too busy to their life and did not pay any attention of what God wants in their life.

       Listening to the Word of God, and even saying, “Amen” but then not doing what the Bible says is just like what James describes as a dead faith. A type of Faith which does not lead us to do good deeds is all alone and dead! Good will is one thing, but without doing good deeds, good will is nothing but dreaming.

       James remind the believers in their sojourn in the world that faith without action is nonsense. Abraham believed in God and bravely left his comfort zone for the Promise Land. He dared to make a sacrificial altar for Isaac and believed beyond his understanding that God knew what was best. Rahab believed in Joshua’s God and helped save the life of Israel’s spies in Jericho. They believed in God and showed their faith through their actions.

       fresh waterFaith in Jesus Christ is not only for Sunday mornings at church, but must be part of our everyday lives as we share with our family, friends and neighbors.  Healthy fresh water coming down from a mountain is pure and drinkable,  but standing water in a dungeon is contaminated with bacteria and is unhealthy and undrinkable. A Christian life, which is created in Christ Jesus to do good works by blessing others, is like healthy fresh water from heaven. But when Christians are hindered because their faith is just in theory and isn’t a reality in their lives, this will drain their spiritual life and nullify their purpose in life. May God help us to not just believe and trust in Jesus Christ, but to nurture our faith by doing good deeds. Amen.



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